Eton Myers Collection

The Eton Myers Collection of Egyptian Antiquities bequeathed to Eton College by former pupil Major William Joseph Myers in 1899, is one of the world’s largest collections of Egyptian faience. More than 500 objects of the collection has been lent to the University of Birmingham by Eton College for teaching and research purposes, and I’ve been working with the collection as part of my IMCA placement. In short, its been an amazing experience; I’ve been introduced to the subject of Egyptology and gained valuable insights on the processes of handling and documenting Egyptian antiquities.

Myers was fascinated by ancient Egyptian artefacts and started to collect objects during his time in Egypt where he served as a soldier in the late 1800’s. Although Myers could not afford to buy large monuments and was restricted to collecting ‘minor art’ and objects that he could carry with him, I find his collection particularly interesting as it consists of a wide range of objects that large institutions like the Louvre and the British Museum were not interested in at the time. The collection includes objects like amulets, figurines, tools, vessels, chalices and much more. This blue faience lotus chalice is one of my absolute favourites!

Fiance challis from the Eton Myers Collection of Egyptian antiquities.
Blue faience chalice from the Eton Myers Collection of Egyptian Antiquities.

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